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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q.

    What is the best type of exterior paint?


    It depends on what type of siding you are painting.

    The correct type of exterior paint is determined by what substrate, is getting painted.  What is your siding, fascia, soffit, doors, and window trim made of?

    A stucco building with numerous hairline cracks will need an elastomeric or a hybrid coating to bridge and (cover) the cracks when the building starts to expand and contract again.

    Wood or HardiePlank Siding will benefit more from a really good 100% acrylic coating.

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  • Q.

    What is the best roof for Florida?


    The best roof or the roof with the best history for performing well in Florida are metal roofs.  They last the longest and have the best history against hurricane-force winds. 

    There are essentially 4 kinds of metal roofs and they all have proven to be effective over time.  

    They last an extremely long time when it comes to shedding water and protecting the structure, 30-50 years or more and they all have a very high wind resistance rating and a history of staying intact during hurricanes.  

    The four types of metal roofs are 5v crimp with exposed fasteners, commercial corrugated metal panels some with and some without exposed fasteners, standing seam metal roofs with no exposed fasteners, and stone coated steel with both semi-exposed fasteners and unexposed with interlocking panels.  

    The reason all these metal roofs perform so well in hurricane category winds is that when installed correctly the panels use long steel screws that penetrate the deck and are aligned to fasten into the roof trusses.  This leads to an extremely high wind resistance for all the different metal roofs available for commercial and residential use in Florida.

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    What are the best shingles?


    The best shingle brands are GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, TAMKO, and IKO respectively.  This is because of their quality, style, and company warranty policies.

    The best shingle will be any of their thickest laminated asphalt shingles in the architectural or dimensional styles.  

    These are fiberglass mat, asphalt-impregnated, laminated shingles that have a variegated appearance.  

    Some are even colored to mimic wood shakes or stone slates.  

    The heaviest can have a warranty for up to 50 years from the manufacturer.

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