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Because Of Our Experience You Get:

  • + An expertly managed renovation project with a smooth-flowing timeline

  • + A process that minimizes tenant and owner inconveniences

  • + A clean, beautiful, long-lasting, and well-protected roof or painting project

We teamed up to provide you a complete solution. Matt and Eric bring together Commercial Painting and Roofing to be your full-service exterior renovation solution.

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Matt Stephens, owner/founder

Matt Stephens, owner of Stephens & Company is a construction professional with a BA in Business Management from Florida State in Jacksonville.  His experience of over 15 years in paint, includes 10 years on the manufacturing and retail side where he saw firsthand how…

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about lewis

Eric Gordon Home Page Picture

With over 25 years in the painting industry, Eric started in retail and quickly moved to management. With a unique view of the industry, he was called up as a field representative who assisted with commercial work, coatings, technical applications, and warranty…

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Because of our combined experience you get expert management on all your large roofing and exterior painting projects.

Our time in this industry has prepared us to solve all your renovation painting and roofing problems.

We have completed massive, all-out emergency jobs that are limited to less than 20 days and we have completed year-long multi-phase projects.

Your repair project will get completed on schedule, on budget, and without headaches.



You want someone who has proven themselves, you want someone who has already experienced your situation. 

Stephens & Company makes for an easy and smooth production because of our extreme familiarity with large projects. 

Our experience with thousands of owners and projects has taught us what is important when working on and at a large property complex. 


You want to know that the most important aspects are taken care of.  Leave it to Stephens. 

We’ve learned that details are important.   We listen to you so that we can build your considerations into the project. 

You get a team that goes above and beyond to implement the important things when you tell us, or even if you never thought about them.


You want someone who has so much experience that they have lists and systems in place to get the job done like clockwork. 

Because of our experience we understand what is important.  We have the necessary systems and processes in place to ensure proper completion. 

You get a smoothly flowing project and a job well done without missing any important issues.



You know that the one thing that matters after we are gone is that quality makes it last. 

Quality work is important when dealing with real assets and Investments.

The better work we do, the less money you spend down the road dealing with problems that should have been avoided.


You don’t want to find unfinished items and missed because of laziness or inexperience. 

We never skip a step or cut a corner.  Preparation during maintenance, renovation, and construction is especially important. 

Utilizing the best techniques, materials, and tools allows for a better-finished product.


You want to know that work was done to professional standards. 

We follow federal law, Universal building code, and Florida building code for your safety and ours.

This gives you the best protection when you need it.



Because of everything we do during planning and installation you end up with a superior finished product.

This gives you the best chance possible to protect your property and weather any storms and hurricanes that Florida throws at you.


Just like everything else we do we go above and beyond the normal to give you the highest in class warranty.

We are always working to increase the quality of our finished product to give you even more protection.  But, mistakes happen, you get a guarantee. 

That guarantee is a 5-year workmanship warranty, the best in the industry.  We find ways to increase the useful life of your roof or exterior paint project and this is one of them.


We want you to be ecstatic with the results.

We don’t want your property to look good, we want it to look great and we’ll do what it takes to make that happen. 

All of our work during planning and installation leads up to you loving the new look of your exterior maintenance project.

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Leave it to Stephens for attention to detail, properly completed prep work, and an awesome finished exterior painting project.

Call us, email us, or set a time to meet and get answers to the questions you have.

Our customers have said

We were extremely satisfied with the work this team performed! We had our home exterior painted (which included stucco patching and repair), skylights cleaned, and interior drywall repaired along with the waterspots on the ceiling from an old leak. Matt Stephens was quick to provide a detailed competitive estimate and was quick to schedule once we indicated we wanted to proceed. His Project Manager Eric was involved throughout the process and made sure the work was understood and completed. We especially appreciated and were pleasantly surprised at the speed and responsiveness at completing the few closeout, “bits”, as well. In addition, the entire team’s cleanup, respect, and care of our home was amazing as well. Everything was returned to the way it looked before they started and was left clean. We highly recommend Matt and his team if you are looking for someone to do paint and drywall work! Finally, a home improvement project that went smoothly!

Linda Cappadona


The owner of Stephens & Company is very responsive! Amazing work! Definitely my first call for all my painting needs!

Hilarie Adams


Matt and Eric did such a great job managing their works on a complex of ours, that we were totally surprised.  His team was so far ahead of schedule and the quality exceeded our expectations so much that we made funds available for another project and had him get started right away.

Anonymous Manager

Apartment Complex

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Florida Ranch Home painted by Stephens & Company
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Leave it to Stephens for attention to detail, properly completed prep work, and an awesome finished renovation project.

Press the button to contact us, call us at 407-308-5344, or email us at info@AllStephens.com with any questions you have.  We are happy to do an on-site evaluation and provide you with a FREE proposal.

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The leadership team at Stephens & Company has over 50 years of combined experience managing and installing large projects including roofing, painting, and exterior maintenance.  Our team, and the experiences we have had, built the systems we use to keep you happy, do great work, and provide our community with the high-quality service it deserves.

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