HOA Communities

The Premier Roofing and Painting Specialists For Large Communities

We have the manpower, systems, manufacturer, and supplier connections needed to facilitate your entire HOA community.

Whether they are townhomes or single-family homes we know how to move through the community with minimal intrusion.

The collective experience of Stephens & Company has managed major renovation projects on over 7000 homes and structures.

Your community is everyone’s first priority and at Stephens & Company, we understand why.

You and your family chose this community as your home because of the high quality of life, safety of the area, and the convenience of a well-managed HOA.  We make sure this never changes as we perform the repairs you hired for.

Licensed by the State of Florida with each of our 3 leaders having 15 years or more of experience, our team, company, equipment, and systems are all especially geared for major projects involving many buildings and large commercial structures.

FL Tile Roof HOA Community

Additional Benefits for Multi-Family Residences

As a manager of an HOA Community or one of the owners living there you know the importance of maintaining a high level of community standards and we will help you do that.

To keep your community looking great, safe and convenient Stephens & Company provides expert roofing, painting, exterior washing, and exterior repair services.
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Schedule Work Times

You get a plan and schedule that accounts for the community and the property.

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Clean Worksites

You get a consistently maintained work area that is cleaned daily.

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Great Communication

You get regular communication, updates, and progress reports.

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Prioritized Safety

You get extra safety precautions to allow for the safety of the community members.

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We’ve seen it all – You get a team ready to tackle any obstacle or objective.

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Special Systems

You get our adjustable systems that have been created to, “work around”, the lives of the community members.

A Company Specialized for You

You want a company that knows how to finish large projects on schedule while maintaining the lifestyle of the community and the safety of the people living there.

At Stephens & Company we have the experience, people and systems to make that happen.


All of this translates to a high-performance orchestration and expertly managed roofing and painting project.

We ensure that you and your owners have a pleasant experience with our company’s work and love the results of your renovation.

You will experience minimal inconveniences allowing for the end result to be clean, beautiful, and protected from the Florida elements.

Florida HOA Community from the sky
Commercial Building


Leave it to Stephens for attention to detail, properly completed prep work, and an awesome finished renovation project.

Press the button to contact us, call us at 407-308-5344, or email us at info@AllStephens.com with any questions you have.  We are happy to do an on-site evaluation and provide you with a FREE proposal.

Roofing, Painting & Customer Service

Roofing and Exterior painting in HOA Communities needs a contractor that is capable of more than just the installation and application of the product.

With decades of experience on large projects, our special attention and high level of service will keep you owners happy and your community looking amazing.

Leave it to Stephens for an easy experience and a fantastic-looking HOA Community.

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Rooftop Florida HOA Community Homes with shingles and tile

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Services Specific for Home Owners Associations

To provide reliable, simple, and convenient exterior repairs and maintenance, we perform the following services:

Roofing installation service
Spray gun painting service
Exterior Repairs service
Pressure Washing service
Solar Panel Installation on Shingles service
ELECTRIC GENERATING SOLAR PANELS (where allowed by community guidelines)