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Who We Are

The leadership team at Stephens & Company has over 50 years of combined experience managing and installing large projects including roofing, painting, and exterior maintenance.  Our team, and the experiences we have had, built the systems we use to keep you happy, does great work, and provides our community with the high-quality service it deserves.

Roofers installing underlayment on a mansard roof.

The Stephens & Company Team

Matt Stephens in a company shirt

Matt Stephens

Matt Stephens is the owner, founder, and operator of Stephens & Company.  He is a skilled construction professional with a BA in Business Management from Florida State in Jacksonville.  His experience of over 15 years in paint, includes 10 years on the manufacturing and retail side where he saw first hand how the installer side of the industry worked.  Knowing his experience would be valuable to the end-user, he shifted his career to the contracting side and quickly proved his organizational skills and ability to meet guidelines and complete projects was highly valued by owners.  Always feeling held back by the company he worked for, in 2019 he broke out on his own and started Stephens & Company.  Now, after bringing on an expert roofing contract he is positioned to provide the ultimate in large project exterior renovation and maintenance services.  By fulfilling the dual need of exterior paint and re-roofing for apartments, condominiums, commercial buildings, HOAs, large homes, and estates; he makes managing and maintaining large structures easy.  Leave it to Stephens for your painting and roofing needs.

Lewis May in a company shirt

Lewis May

Lewis May is the qualifier and the state license holder for the roofing division of Stephens & Company. With over 25 years in the industry, he started as a child in his father’s woodshop learning to pound nails and measure and cut wood.  While watching and working with his father, a master woodworker and carpenter, he learned how attention to detail and creating processes lead to a consistent high-quality, finished product.  At a young age he joined a roofing crew.  Already a skilled assistant carpenter he learned how every roofing component worked together to create a watertight system.  With this knowledge he quickly moved up the ranks to lead installer and soon he ran his own crew working as a subcontractor for a major roofing contractor in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Never thinking he would ever be in sales, the owner asked him to join a countrywide roofing sales tour.  20 years later he has personally sold, managed, and completed over 20 million dollars in roofs and has been involved in over a hundred million in projects.  Now, with Stevens & Company, you get all of his knowledge and experience to ensure that you can confidently, Leave it to Stephens.

Eric Gordon in a company shirt

Eric Gordon

With over 25 years in the painting industry, Eric started in retail and quickly moved to management. With a unique view of the industry he was called up as a field representative who assisted with commercial work, coatings, technical applications, and warranty issues. As a field rep he worked closely with contractors and installers learning all the best systems and techniques along with all the mistakes that can be made as well. About 15 years ago he knew he had too much knowledge about production to stay in a corporate position. Eric never looked back and has since then managed production on tens of thousands of units. His culmination of experiences are yet another reason you can Leave It To Stephens.